Serena Hotels Opens Doors in Goma City, Congo

In an unmatched Goma City of the Republic of Congo. The Serena Hotels will opening it doors on 15th September 2020 to offer services to travelers visiting the country and the interesting Virunga National Park.

Diverse and stunning landscapes, exhilarating natural beauty, tantalizing local cuisine and rich history and culture set the Democratic Republic of Congo among Africa’s must-visit countries. It is here that the massive and mysterious Congo River winds through a lush, steamy rainforest that is the second largest on earth after the Amazon and home to rare endemic species found nowhere else in the world like the bonobos, African forest elephants, mountain gorillas and the okapi.

Perched on the northern shores of Africa’s Great Lake Kivu is Goma, the capital of North Kivu. In the heart of this vibrant and unique city is Goma Serena Hotel.

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