4×4 Uganda: Rooftop Tent Car Cost & Price

 4×4 Uganda: Rooftop Tent Car Cost & Price

4×4 Uganda is a car rental company that gives the best car rental services of your choice. With this company expect to get what you have always wished to get out of your safari. We always give room for value to money to our clients.

We give you the chance to spend your nights up at the roof of your rental car with no worries of wild animals to invade your campsite.  At the roof of the car, you have a good view of the sky and its star rewarding with an ecstatic view in the wild.

Get the comfort and convenience from all corners while using a rooftop tent car. The 4×4 land cruiser is well known for its great comfort, combativeness and speed on the road and your stay in the roof top tent adds more assurance and comfort since its free from any ground threats.

All the above comes in handy with other camping gears like mattresses, camp chairs, tables, sleeping bags, torch, cooler box, cutlery, gas cooker and cooking utensils.

Hiring a car with a roof top tent enables the traveler to have a night stay at the roof of the rental car in the jungles of some of the great national parks in Uganda. The roof top tent is designed for two people. They pay an all-square price for all the package that includes the rental car, tent and other camping gears.

The rooftop tent car hire experience in Uganda comes with a four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle. These are normally the different models of Toyota Land cruisers.  The discretion is left to the traveler to pick his preferred model. However, you have to know that, the latest the model of the vehicle, the higher the price charged. These models also vary in size for instance the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is smaller than the Land Cruiser VX and GX.

The SUVs are commendable for a roof top tent experience because there are very spacious to carry the camping equipment and also strong to hold the sleeping tent at the roof of the car, also their body is built to withstand the weight on top of the car. Some operators though offer Nissan vehicles with the rooftop tents.

The sleeping tent is fixed up at the top of the car. The vehicle is delivered to you by 4×4 Uganda representative with the tent already fixed up. You drive while the tent is at the top but not elevated. You elevate it while you reach your camping area and we will have taught you on how to put it right.  The tent is always tied very firm and it can never fall off while driving or even sleeping. It is tied with very strong ropes at the decker of the roof of the car.

You will fix the ladder to ascend and descend to and from the tent at the top. A maximum of two tents can be fixed at the top of the roof of the car and this depends on the size of the car and also a maximum of two people are supposed to sleep in each tent.

This unique expedition is cheap, safe, exciting and adventurous. It is an experience that has enticed a number of tourists into Self Drive Safaris. The experience is still new but we are real moving it so fast that even the tourists are responding and enjoying it.

Get a Land Cruiser Prado Tx at $105 Per Day with Double Tents, $85 Per Day With one Tent, The land cruiser VX at $120 Per Day with Two Rooftop Tents / $90 Per Day with One Tent, The Land Cruiser GX at $120 Per Day With 2 Rooftop Tents / $100 With 1 Tent, Land cruiser LX at $130 With Double Tents / $110 With A Single Tent Per Day,

The Land cruiser Prado TX/ Tz is a mid-size SUV known for its off-road capabilities and luxurious features. It offers comfortable seating for up to 4 passengers, advanced safety systems in the newer models, and a powerful engine. It is the cheapest option among all rooftop camper vans.

The least recommended vehicle type for this rental option due to a number of reasons including the weight load of the tents, limited interior space of the car as compared to the other options among others.

The Land Cruiser V8, is a full-size luxury SUV. It provides ample space for passengers and cargo, excellent off-road performance, and a range of premium features. It is renowned for its durability and reliability even under intensive load pressure.

The land cruiser VX is variant of the Land Cruiser V8 with additional luxury features. It offers enhanced comfort, advanced technology, and a plush interior. The VX model is often chosen for its refined design and upscale amenities. It is common in Automatic Transmission.

The Land Cruiser Prado GX is a rugged and capable SUV suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. It has a manual transmission vehicle that combines practicality, reliability, and impressive off-road capabilities while accommodating up to 4 passengers. It is strictly manual transmission. This is considered to be the second-best option for camping with two tents.

The Hardtop is a heavy-duty manual transmission SUV designed for tough African terrains and challenging environments. It features a robust construction, powerful engine, and a spacious interior capable of seating multiple passengers. It is the most suitable option for double rooftop camping though its slightly expensive than the rest.


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